Creating treatment options

With the treatment planning panel, you can propose multiple treatment options to address your patient's diagnoses.

Treatment options are organized into columns. By default most practices start with Option A and Option B, but you can add and remove columns while you work.

Adding procedures to treatment options

You can move proposed procedures to different options as many times as you need.

  1. When you are entering a procedure:
    1. Select the Option drop-down to choose which treatment option column should include this procedure


  2. After you add a procedure:
    1. Drag a procedure from one option column and drop it on a different one.

      • You can choose to drop it: 
        • Outside a diagnosis, to record the procedure without a link to a diagnosis.


        • Inside a diagnosis, to link the procedure and diagnosis.

Adding another option column

You can add additional columns to the treatment planning panel when addressing complex cases.

  1. Select Clipboard with green plus icon. beside the farthest option's name

    • To remove an extra empty option column from the panel, select X beside the farthest option's name.

      • The X is hidden if the option contains procedures.

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