Creating an event

Events can be used to display information on the schedule grid, schedule providers for staff meetings, or indicate when someone is away and can't be scheduled with patients.

They are similar to appointments but don't include patients.

  1. Select Create Event

  2. Enter a title 
    • This is displayed at the top of the event.
  3. Enter a description
    • This is displayed on the body of the event.
  4. Choose an event type

  5. Check that the availability status for the event type you chose is appropriate for the event you're creating

    Availability StatusExample
    Information OnlyThe event doesn't affect availability.Label which provider is the primary today or show when the auditors are touring the clinic.
    BusyThe event is counted as an activity for the purposes of double-booking.A special staff lunch event when providers could be double-booked if required.
    UnavailableThe event marks the provider or resource as unavailable during this time. They cannot be scheduled.Dr. Chandra is on vacation in Bali and can't see patients.

  6. Confirm the date and time
  7. Choose how you want the event to appear on the schedule of each assigned provider or resource

    Show on GridShow on Top

  8. Confirm that the Providers and Resources table includes all of the providers or resources you want to schedule

  9. Select Save

If you double click the schedule grid after creating an event, you will see the Create Event window.

  1. Select Switch to Appointment to go back to creating appointments