Creating a task

You can also use collaborations to create, discuss, and track tasks. A task is just like a regular collaboration but it includes a due date and different status options in order to track in-progress and completed work.

A task can be sent to another provider and linked to a patient record for reference.

  1. From Provider > Collaborations select + New Collaboration


    From a Tasks panel select  and then New Task

  2. Confirm the Type field is set to Task
  3. Optional: Link a patient to the task by searching and selecting their name from the Patient field
  4. Enter a Due Date for the task
  5. Search and select a name from the Add Collaborator field to send this task to someone

    • The name of each collaborator added appears above the Subject.
  6. Enter the Subject and Message

  7. Select Create
    • The task appears in Provider > Collaborations and the Tasks panel.

      • The name of the person who created the task is bolded.

      • The subject is bolded when you have an unread message in that conversation.