Configuring warnings

Warnings in ICE enable you to turn report results into messages that appear on patient records and the practice dashboard.

Rather than requiring people to run and interpret reports on their own, warnings can bring the results of auto-running reports to them with a custom message.

Depending on how you configure your reports and write your messages, warnings can be:

  • Tasks to accomplish
    • "Schedule a follow-up appointment with this patient. They've had a New Patient Exam but don't have an upcoming appointment."
  • Behaviours to avoid
    • "Do not schedule this patient. They have more than 5 appointment strikes."
  • Information to consider
    • "This patient's financial account is 70 days overdue."
    • "Clinic C has 94 patients with accounts more than 70 days overdue"

Configuring a warning involves:

  1. Defining a question that you can answer with a report.
  2. Configuring a report with the right amount of detail.
  3. Deciding whether the report results should be displayed in a report panel or if a custom message should be displayed in a warnings panel instead.
  4. Writing practice-level and patient-level messages that will be displayed when the report returns results. 

To learn more about how people can check warnings at the practice and patient level, see Checking warnings instead of running reports.

1Define a question you want to answer

Consider whether you want your team to:

  • See results of a report in a report panel. Either as a detailed list, chart, or interactive list.


  • See a message in a warnings panel when the report returns results.
How many patients have had a New Patient Exam but don't have a follow-up appointment booked in the next 6 months?Outside of ICE
2Configure a report template

Experiment with the reporting tool to create a report that searches on the right variables and returns results that answer your question.

Configure a Procedure List report that displays all instances where a patient has a completed D0150 but doesn't have an appointment scheduled in the next 6 months.Practice > Reporting

Write a practice message

What do you want people to know or do when they see the practice warnings panel and the report returns results?

This panel includes a count of the number of results and a link to view the detailed report results.

"New patients without follow-up appointments. Confirm that they've been contacted within the last two weeks."

Outside of ICE
4Write a patient message

What do you want people to know or do when they load a patient's record and this patient is included in the results of a report?

"Schedule a follow-up appointment with this patient. They've had a New Patient Exam but don't have an upcoming appointment."

Outside of ICE
5Create a new warning ruleEnter the results of your work so far into Practice Settings by creating a new Warning Rule.

To see a completed example, go to Creating a warning rule.

Practice Settings > Warnings > Manage Warnings
6Configure whether this warning should appear as a pop-up

The patient message can appear as a force acknowledge pop-up when people access the patient locations you define in the Warning Rule.

We want to make sure everyone who tries to schedule this patient must acknowledge the warning about the patient's overdue financial balance. However, they don't need to acknowledge the warning about the patient needing a recall.Practice Settings > Warnings > Edit Warning Rule