Assigning providers and resources to an appointment

A provider or resource must be assigned to an appointment in order for that appointment to appear on their schedule. The Providers and Resources table allows you to assign people, chairs, and other resources to an appointment.

You can choose custom start and end times for each assignment and add role labels to providers. Picking an appointment type can also add time slots to the table with specific durations and descriptions. These time slots can then be filled with providers or resources.

The provider or resource you double-click when creating the appointment is automatically assigned for the full duration.

  1. Search by name using Provider/Resource Search...

    • If the appointment type you chose includes time slots, each time slot has its own search field.
    • Appointments with empty time slots display an exclamation mark ! on the appointment.

  2. Choose a provider or resource to assign to the appointment

  3. Optional: Use the Roles column to help differentiate between multiple providers assigned to one appointment
    • If you don't see the role you want, the role may be configured to only allow providers in specific groups to use it.
  4. Confirm the Start Time and End Time for the assignment
    • The provider or resource's schedule will display an appointment with a duration based on these times.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to assign additional providers or resources
  6. Select Save after all providers or resources are assigned

Removing providers and resources from an appointment

There are three ways to remove providers or resources from an appointment.

  1. Select Remove All to remove all assignments and clear any time slots
  2. Select X to clear a time slot with a provider or resource assigned
  3. Select  to remove a provider or resource that isn't part of an appointment type time slot