Annotating images in a form

You can annotate images included inside a form. Annotations offer a visual method for recording information that may be difficult to describe in writing.

For example, by drawing on an image to indicate the location of a lesion in a patient's mouth.

Annotations can be removed if you make a mistake and include options to adjust their size and colour.

Image Annotation ToolDescription

Selection Tool

Move and resize an annotation. Remove an annotation by right-clicking it and choosing Delete.

Clear Annotations

Remove all annotations from an image.

Line Annotation

Add a line to an image.

Arrow Annotation

Add an arrow to an image.

Pencil Annotation

Draw on an image.

Rectangle Annotation

Add a rectangle to an image.

Circle Annotation

Add a circle to an image.

Text Annotation

Add text to an image.

  1. Select an Image Annotation tool
    • Optional: Adjust stroke, colour, and fill settings.
  2. Select the specific part of the image you want to annotate

  3. The annotation is now added to the image

    • Pick the Selection Tool to adjust the annotation or to remove it by right-clicking it and choosing Delete.