Accessing support materials

All of the latest training and support materials are easily accessible inside the system under References > ICE Help or from individual panel menus.

Materials include support articles, videos, quick reference materials, and a glossary.

  1. Select  from the top menu

  2. Select ICE Help

    • This takes you to References > ICE Help

  3. From the homepage: 
    • Search for a topic using the search field
    • Browse materials by topic using the left sidebar

  4. Each topic on the left includes a summary page
    • Summary pages show all articles available for a topic. Articles let you dive deep into a topic and see step by step instructions with screenshots.
    • Quick Start Videos, Video Playlists, and other reference material are displayed on summary pages. These provide quick introductions and overviews for each topic.

You can also quickly open and review support materials while you're working with different panels.

  1. Find a panel you want to learn more about
  2. Select 

  3. Select Help

    • You can read the and scroll through the article right beside the panel.
    • To open different articles, click links in the article, use the left sidebar
       or the search .
    • To read a full sized version of the article with larger images, select  to open the article in a new browser tab.
    • To close the article, select X

You can also add a Knowledge Base panel to your Provider Dashboard that displays the homepage. You can use the Knowledge Base panel to quickly search for support materials right from your dashboard. To learn more about customizing your dashboard panel view, see Adding panels to a view.

Help Language

If your localization language is set to Spanish, the ICE Help link shows you the Spanish version of the knowledge base.

To switch between English and Spanish articles, go to the homepage and select English or EspaƱol.


To change your localization language, go to Provider > Profile > Account > Localization.