Accessing Medical Support from a health fact

The medical support system provides health care professionals quick and easy access to up-to-date essential medical information needed to provide safe and appropriate patient care.

The Medical Support homepage is organized into the following categories:

  • Medical Disorders summarizes the etiology, signs and symptoms of, and treatment for health conditions
  • Oral Health Care Considerations reviews the oral health care considerations of health conditions
  • Medical Emergencies provides preparedness and common actions 
  • Guidelines provides instructions for treating patients with certain conditions
  • Additional Information offers links to information on medications, evidence-based dentistry resources, publications, and medical resources
  • Images provides visuals of conditions related to oral health
  • Medical History patient info obtained by a clinic by asking specific questions to obtain useful info in formulating a diagnosis and providing medical care to a patient 
  • Medical Health Questionnaire gives rationale for every question asked in the health history questionnaire 
  • Patient Education provides oral health resources for patients

It is available directly from medication, condition, and allergy health facts in the patient sidebar.

  1. Go to Patient > Dashboard
  2. From the patient sidebar, select a health fact under Allergies, Conditions or Medications

  3. Select View in Medical Support System

  4. Browse and select the appropriate search results that have opened in a new tab